Twittergate: Robinson and Wallace Square Off


Mick Wallace the independent TD who earlier this year, used parliamentary privilege in Dail Eireann to make explosive allegations of a political pay-off linked to a massive £1 billion property deal between the Dublin government’s “bad bank” Nama and a US investment firm is to be sued by North of Ireland DUP leader, Peter Robinson.

A report in the Guardian certainly seems to indicate Robinson is incensed by a ‘tweet’ made by Wallace and means business over his threat to sue (link):

Wallace had claimed in his Dail revelations that £7 million in an Isle of Man bank account was “reportedly earmarked for a Northern Ireland politician or political party”. Nama is the bank set up by the Irish government to clear property loans from bailed out lenders and it had disposed of a massive North of Ireland portfolio of properties.

It is unclear if Wallace’s offensive tweet is related to this but Robinson has been consistently emphatic that he has no links to the deal and neither he nor his family have had ‘one penny’ benefit from it.

Wallace for his part is equally robust in defending himself and in an article in the Irish Independent says he is ‘not deterred’ by the threat of legal action (link):

Additionally in a report in the Belfast Telegraph Wallace ‘turns the knife’ somewhat saying Robinson should be addressing himself to the political crisis in the North (link);

The NAMA allegations have been explosive and there are now multiple enquiries underway in Ireland (North and South) and in the United Kingdom. Latterly even the United States has started to look into the allegations.

However in the Isle of Man a deathly silence envelops both government and finacial regulators who seem to think ‘if they keep very quiet it will go away’!

What the Manx government have not been able to deny however is that the monies alleged did end up in an account on the Island.


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