Trinity College: US Ambassador Views Manuscript Project


The United States Ambassador to Ireland recently visited Trinity College to view progress of a major project which will see four of the Library’s most important early medieval Irish manuscripts conserved, digitised and made available online to the public and world of scholarship for the first time.

The work is being funded by a US financial institution and it will undoubtedly through the interactivity associated with its roll out alongside other manuscripts ensure Trinity and Dublin becomes a focus for both education and research on this period.

It is good to see the primacy being given to this element of the cultural and historical heritage of Ireland.

For Manx people however it also reminds us that the issue of the ‘Chronicles of the Kings of Man and the Isles’ the original of which still languishes in the British Library is unfinished business.

It seems strange, though perhaps understandable, that Tynwald can whip itself into a lather over the Victorian era horse trams but do not seem as exercised over this vital Manx historical manuscript from over almost 900 years ago!

There is a detailed article on the Trinity project at this link:…/


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