Treatment of Hooded Men still a live issue

“A group known as the Hooded Men have won the latest stage of a legal battle to force an investigation into alleged torture by the security forces in 1971.

The Court of Appeal in Belfast dismissed an appeal by police against a ruling that detectives should revisit a decision to end their inquiry.

Fourteen men claimed they were subjected to torture after being held without trial in Northern Ireland.

The dismissal of the police appeal was a majority decision by the judges.

The Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan, Northern Ireland’s most senior judge, said on Friday the treatment of the men “would, if it occurred today, properly be characterised as torture”.

Link to full report here at BBC web site:

The Celtic League welcome the Courts decision and have supported the recent campaign by the men for many years links:…/irish-government-to-act-ove…/…/formal-response-from-depart…/…/the-hooded-men-message-of-t…/…/hooded-men-league-said-it-w…/

Bernard Moffatt
AGS Celtic League (20th September, 2019)

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