Treasury Member Pressed On Benefit Cuts Impact Follow Up


Its several weeks now since fairly onerous changes were announced to Social Security benefit changes in the Isle of Man..

I raised concerns at the time (see related links at foot of this post) and I have now written to the Treasury member for Social Security who announced the changes asking what steps are being taken to ensure that there impact is monitored to avoid deprivation, poverty and social exclusion escalating on this Island.

Text of letter to Mr Henderson MLC below:

“Mr Bill Henderson MLC
Member of the Treasury with delegated
responsibility for Social Security
Yn Tashtey/The Treasury
Government Offices

By Email

15th January 2016

Dear Bill,

I refer to changes made to Social Security entitlement late last year you may be aware that Celtic League Mannin were extremely critical of the changes targeted as they were on some of the most vulnerable (from an income perspective) in Manx society.

Can you advise if the Social Security Division of Treasury has monitored the impact of these changes and if any follow-up interviews have been undertaken with persons either on reduced unemployment benefit or those whose disability benefit is reassessed to that end?

Additionally what emergency facility is available to those whose benefits have been cut to seek assistance should their circumstances deteriorate markedly as a direct consequence of the changes?

Finally, has the Treasury put in place any mechanism to ensure that changes of this type do not exacerbate poverty and social exclusion?

Yours sincerely

Bernard Moffatt

Director of Information
Celtic League”

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Issued by: The Celtic News



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