Tory Boy Trumps Teare On Low Incomes Tax Threshold!


Threshold differential of £1000 for low paid in United Kingdom by 2017

‘Nothing for us in the UK budget’ says Treasury Minister Eddie Teare MHK before being given the usual carte blanche by Manx Radio to wax lyrical about ‘not taking eye’s of the ball’, ‘growing jobs’, ‘remaining competitive’ and the other meaningless verbiage that pumps out of the station on a weekly/daily basis.

However there was something in the budget that I’m sure Eddie did not miss. The tax advantage for the very lowest paid (£11,000 rising to £11,500 – if I read it correctly) is with the United Kingdom.

It says something for our forty years of growth and our world class economy when a ‘Tory Boy’ like George Osborne can produce a better deal for those on the lowest incomes and that’s before you factor in Isle of Man living costs – remember those energy prices.

Mind you I suppose if you are Eddie Teare or his sidekick Bill Henderson up in Treasury the very last thing you are thinking of is the tax benefit for those on incomes around £11,000+.

The Isle of Man certainly looks after its own – IF THAT IS they are high earners!

Photo: George Osborne strangely the ‘Tory Boy’ is doing better for the low paid than ‘Montgomery Burns’ (aka Eddie Teare MHK)!


Issued by: The Mannin Branch Celtic League



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