Time These Modern Day ‘Pirates’ Were Sent Packing


It’s surprising how writing one piece jogs your memory (I suppose I’m getting old!)

However in focusing on David North’s condemnation of the manner in which government maintains a ‘dead hand’ over Manx Radio via the financial subvention I also touched on the nonsense which sees the drain of five million pounds out of the Island to the BBC and little domestic broadcast support in return.

We have highlighted before the uneven way the BBC treat the Isle of Man as opposed to the other dependencies (Channel Islands) where they not only invest considerable funds but maintain substantial staff and broadcast facilities, both TV and Radio.

You can only speculate what the domestic broadcasting scene would be here would be if even half the sum they currently take was retained to fund domestic services such as Manx Radio and others here.

It’s nothing less than outright theft the BBC behave like ‘pirates’ by plundering the Island and intimidating the population to pay their licence fee.

It’s not just me that thinks in that way either. Two years ago (July 2013) when somebody did ‘a paint job’ on Government House it was not just the ‘incumbent parasite’ that was targeted (BTW another one is due shortly – not a paint job a parasite).

The graffiti ‘writ large’ across the entrance said “Ersooyl lhiat Chiannort and your BBC pirates”


The message was right then and it’s right now. Without the Lt Governor and the BBC ripping us of we would save almost £6 million a year – time these modern day pirates were sent packing!


Issued by: The Celtic News



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