Tia’s and Tears


There’s one thing about the Celtic League we have a pretty good memory.

Did you know probably between 5 and 6 million children will not be getting anything this Christmas because they are dead!

That was the forecast of a report I reported on in August 2008 compiled by Christian Aid in into the effect of trade related tax evasion via tax havens

Christian Aid predicted that by this year (2015) illegal, trade-related tax evasion alone would be responsible for the deaths of some 5.6m children under the age of five between.

They are victims of a financial system in which poor countries are routinely denied the tax that is rightly theirs by trans-national corporations and other businesses using methods both licit and illicit to lower their tax liability. The abuse is so widespread and damaging that it is tantamount to a new slavery, a Christian Aid spokesperson said at the time. Effectively the rich have gotten richer on the backs of some of the most impoverished and vulnerable communities in the world.’

There were calls at the time for governments to support initiatives via the OECD in its efforts to regulate tax havens and end the secrecy they offer. It was also said that that the OECD should also promote an international accounting standard that compels companies to publish their accounts on a country by country basis, which will mean that abusive practices can be quickly spotted.

Some efforts have been made since but for every TIEA (Tax Information Exchange Agreement) of dubious value there are still a lot of human ‘tears’ globally.

It kind of puts our overseas aid commitments in a different context when we facilitate the widespread trade exploitation of the third world then offer a few pounds back to salve our consciences!
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