Threats Over Proposed Bill to Tackle ‘Keyboard Cowards’


Within hours of what we asserted yesterday i.e. that there is a linkage between anonymous online abuse and threats to politicians’, dramatic new allegations in Ireland seem to support such a corollary.

Yesterday we reported the reward offered by Isle of Man Treasury Minister, Eddie Teare MHK. We empathised with the Teare families’ plight, following threats made to the Minister and his family. Within hours online abuse was directed at the League DOI – with the predictable linkage to family.

This morning the Irish Examiner carries reports of threats made directly over the Internet to Irish Senator, Lorraine Higgins.

A Labour Senator, Ms Higgins has been the subject of online abuse for months, however the latest specific threat has caused her to take the matter to the Garda (Irish Police).

Ms Higgins also plans to raise the issue in the Seanad where she is already proposing a new bill to crack down on ‘keyboard cowards’ who engage in cyber-bullying and says service providers need to do more.

Similar legislation was recently introduced in New Zealand

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Manx media reports:

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