The Uniformity and Obedience of the Media


Even Ukrainians locked in a conflict with their major energy supplier Russia currently have a better deal on gas prices than the Manx people.

Following revelations this week that Manx Gas would simultaneously cut prices but increase standing charges if we are not there already Manx people are certainly close to facing the highest prices in Europe for Gas.

In such a situation one would have thought the government would be taking a lead role in addressing what may as autumn turns to winter become a crisis.

The main news filtering out of government at present however is that a string of Ministers are of on a purposeless serious of jaunts to UK political conferences, having already ‘clocked up’ Labour it is the Conservative conference next with the SNP one later.

How can a government, less then a year from a General election, be so disengaged and seemingly disinterested in the factors which are impacting ordinary people? Well the answer in part is that they have a fairly compliant media part of which recycles ‘government spin’ on a daily basis in a manner which is unquestioning. Put bluntly the government spins, the media complies and the government believes its own messages.

In the Isle of Man people are already going hungry as the advent of food banks has demonstrated. This winter they will also freeze as the ability to meet charges levied by unregulated energy suppliers becomes impossible. Meanwhile from the government inertia and from the media drivel!

Noam Chomsky said: ‘Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media’. For US substitute Manx – that’s about right!


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