The UK election and a hat full of delusions

There is a febrile atmosphere in the United Kingdom as the Conservatives fall short of a majority in their election but attempt to patch together a working administration with the Democratic Unionist Party in the North of Ireland.
May it seems is delusional promising to provide the UK with ‘certainty’. I wonder to myself if she believes this stuff herself.
It’s the most uncertain time for the Isle of Man since we found ourselves, without consultation, on the Brexit band wagon.
Its clear from first reactions on the Isle of Man that the Manx government also and our Chief Minister are also delusional as they believe that business as normal will just go on with the bodged up political equivalent of ‘Bulldog Drummond and the Black Gang’. Perhaps Howard should get a bowler hat and a sash for his next Westminster trip.
As I listen to Manx Radio blasting this rubbish out I wonder if we haven’t got a hat trick here. A delusional UK government, a delusional Manx government complemented by a delusional Manx media!
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Public Relations Officer Mannin Branch
Issued by: The Mannin branch of the Celtic League.

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