‘The Spies Who Splash Round in the Cold’

Solar panel equipped giant surf board? No its wave glider. But whose is it and what’s it spying on?

Mystery still surrounds a robotic craft that washed up on Tiree about 10 days ago. The ‘wave glider’ robot craft appears to have a military configuration rather than a civil role (see report link below) and it may have been operating near the RN ballistic missile submarine base but its not owned by the British military. Also for once it doesn’t appear to be Putin up to no good as the ‘sea drone’ is of US manufacturer. However the US military are playing dumb as well could they really be spying on their British chums?

It’s not the first time one of these mysterious craft has been lost by whatever secretive agency that’s operating it; one washed up on the coast of Ireland last year.

With no identification and no required navigational lights or indicators its potentially a hazard although its structure would seem to indicate it would come off worst in most collisions. Mystery indeed. If you know anything call the coastguard!


Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League Military Monitoring (12 October 2020)

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