The Queue At Government’s Golden Magic Porridge Pot


Just months after people on benefits had their income cut and as we all, despite ‘statistics’ that tell us the Island has DEFLATION, struggle with living costs not least utility bills another group is about to queue up for a helping from the IOM governments ‘magic porridge pot’.

This weeks report on the Hotel industry recommends ‘investment by the government’ (that’s giving away your money to me and you) in the Hotel sector.

We have to ‘grow the sector’ that means prop it up.

This government has closed nursing homes and hospital wards but mark my words in the next few months Messrs, Bell, Skelly and Teare plus the other COMIN odd and sods will be telling us it’s a good idea to ‘boost the Hotel sector’.

At the present time this much vaunted project to build a Hotel in Lord Street is periodically trumpeted – what they never mention is how much public investment the project may get

Be under no illusion boosting the Hotel sector will lighten your pocket even further and put a strain on essential communities’ services that we all need.

It’s long past time we got to know who is getting what from the Manx public purse. The businesses that benefit from our unintentional largesse because of the actions of this profligate government should be named.

We need to know who is in the queue at government’s golden magic porridge pot because at the end of the day we all pick up the tab!

It’s past a joke on this Island these so called investment support and grant schemes are little more than theft from the public purse.


Issued by: The Celtic News



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