The Police Are ‘Taking A Stand’!


You have to hand it to the Manx police they may not be much ‘cop’ (sorry) at catching burglars and there FCU might make the Keystone Cops seem like the FBI but their traffic unit is hell on wheels!

Latest announcement from ‘the farce’ threatens a crackdown on motorists specifically those that may have a defect on their vehicles. One assumes that in tandem with this enforcement of other road traffic provisions will be emphasised.

You have to hand it to the Isle of Man Constabulary their ‘intelligence led’ policing is second to none. They have it seems managed to work out that unlike burglars motorists are visible and present an easier target.

In this clip from energyfm the Road Traffic Unit the Officer makes it clear that the initial response will not result in any detriment to the individual although how that works in practice will be interesting. The text with the clip ‘it’s time to take a stand’ makes its sound as if they are about to tackle ISIS!

It’s clear that motorists have a duty to ensure their vehicles are roadworthy – equally by the way do some of the bigger commercial vehicle users like the government and their contractors. Can we anticipate spot checks at the gates of Ellerslie, Manx Gas, MUA, Manx Telecom etc?

It just sticks in the craw a little that twelve months ago, as contaminated silt was being strewn along a section of road from Peel Harbour to Poortown on a regular basis, that the Police from its hierarchy to the RTU stuck their heads in the metaphorical silt! It’s also the case that for certain peak motoring events in the summer season a low profile is maintained. Manx policing priorities it seems can be partisan!

So no problem with Gary and his RTU doing their job but at least be consistent and by the way what about the burglars and that other unit I mentioned –what’s its name I’ve forgotten!


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