The Nobel Prize for Hyprocrisy Goes to Ireland


If there was a Nobel Prize for hypocrisy it would most certainly be awarded to the Irish government and its police officers at Shannon Airport.

For several years the Celtic League and peace activists in Ireland have urged the Irish government to admit its involvement in rendition. We have also pressed the Irish authorities to accept that CIA and other US military air assets using the Airport at Shannon should have been thoroughly examined so that contraband munitions could have been seized and detained persons carried on these aircraft released. All efforts have been met with evasiveness.

In a somewhat bizarre development it was admitted last week that Irish officials are in receipt of an arrest warrant from the US relating to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden who it is assumed may transit via Shannon if/when his requests for asylum in Latin America are successful.

Shannon airport has been used as a stopover by International flights from Russia since the days of the Cold War when Soviet airline Aeroflot opened up routes via Ireland (the furthest west European non NATO country) to Cuba.

If enacted the arrest warrant will enable Snowden to be held for 18 days whilst Irish and US authorities process his extradition.

It seems that after years of inertia Irish police at Shannon may finally be in action not to apprehend wrongdoing but rather to arrest an individual being carried lawfully between Russia and his destination jurisdiction – you could not make it up!

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