The Mouse That Roured

It has been announced that Manx-flagged vessels will, in line with their UK counterparts, start to carry armed guards to counter piracy.

The Isle of Man has a substantial shipping register with vessels plying their trade globally and Manx registered vessels have faced the same problems as those faced by other nations, particularly in the Horn of Africa/Indian Ocean area (audio clip from the Department of Economic Development (DED) on Manx Radio):

Details of the extent of the Manx shipping register can be found on the DED (link):

Of course there is nothing new about armed Manx vessels taking to the seas as anyone familiar with the Manx Song `The Cruise of the Tiger’ will be aware. On that occasion the merchants of the Island armed a merchant vessel to support England in its war with the French.

Let us hope that these new military `adventures’ by Manx vessels will be attended by greater success than that which befell `The Tiger’ (see link):

(The report compiled for Celtic News by Bernard Moffatt Celtic League Director
of Information)

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