‘The Morning Bell’ Is It A turn Off for You?


The morning bell opens the New York Stock Exchange everyday but in the Isle of Man the term has a different connotation. It seems that virtually every day we get the ‘morning Bell’ on Manx Radio in the shape (and tones) of our ‘dear leader’ the Chief Minister, Allan Bell MHK.

Now one contributor to CL (Mannin) Facebook has had enough he says:

“Got up this morning for work kettle on, radio, bell again! drone, waffle, same old s…. had enough, been listening to manx radio since 1964, now tuned to radio 2 for breakfast.”

It seems the station has lost a long time listener because of course it first started broadcasting in 1964 – so that’s a lifetimes loyalty squandered so that Allan can give us our daily dose of ‘doom and gloom’ and dire predictions – interspersed with the little bit of optimism if we’ll just let him get on and give our £50 million away to the business sector!

So far the only follow up comment has been;

“What took you so long”.

It seems an extreme reaction but then I don’t listen I just access the odd clip on the news of interest via the net.

So I thought I would conduct an unscientific poll and ask if you find the CMs daily briefings a headache or illuminating. You can leave a comment or just like this post.

Of course there’s nothing new about CMs using the media to get their message across. The first Chief Minister, (Sir) Miles Walker, to my recollection was fairly restrained about air time but others like Donald Gelling and Richard Corkill were regular contributors however I’m pretty certain that they never equalled the frequency of our current leader. Allan Bell’s immediate predecessor Tony Brown reverted more to the Walker style

Still it’s only ‘the morning Bell’ not the evening as well….yet!


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