The Judiciary: In A Time Of Austerity Why No Cuts For Them?


Our earlier item focusing on the justice system got me thinking about whether we get value for money from the great and the good that currently man the system or are they simply in post to keep the hoi-polloi in order and look after the great and good!

I drew a blank searching for details of salaries for Deemsters etc on-line so I have put a request into government for up to date info.

However looking on line I came across this from almost a decade ago (May 2008) in which IOM Newspapers reported an absolutely massive £32000 increase in the pay of the Judiciary – here is a section from it:

“The First Deemster is currently on 133,100 a year. Under the proposals the salary will rise to 164,430, backdated to April 1, 2007, and 165,900, backdated to November 1, 2007.

Pay for the Second Deemster would continue to match that of the AG at 153,457 backdated to November 1, 2007.

Deputy Deemster’s pay is recommended to be increased from 108,790, to 122,105 backdated to April 1, 2007, and 123,200, backdated to November 1, 2007.

The salary of the High Bailiff would then rise from 98,900 to 107,743, backdated to April 1, 2007, and 108,790, backdated to November 1, 2007, while the Deputy High Bailiff’s pay would rise from 89,010 to 102,845, backdated to April 1, 2007, and 103,845 backdated to November 1, 2007.”


However what makes these eight year old totals really stand out is a comparison with Ireland where – despite substantial cuts in salary in recent years – Irish Judges are still some of the best paid in Europe (see link):…/irish-judges-still-among-best-p…

What is really interesting here is that Manx Judges were being paid eight years ago much more than Irish Judges (some of the best paid in Europe) were getting 2 years ago!

Given that salaries for our esteemed Deemsters etc must have improved over the past eight years you have to ask why a place of this size needs to provide such a ‘stupendous stipend’ to its Judiciary.

Are we as a society just stupid or are they as a profession just greedy or is it a bit of both.

Anyway it’s food for thought when benefit claimants are having their payments slashed and some people don’t have any food on the table or fuel for heating.

Footnote: Do your own sums but by reference to the links above by my arithmetic:

An Irish Supreme Court Judge in 2014 earned £154,000 (after Euro conversion)

In contrast six years earlier in 2008 the First Deemster earned £10,000 more a staggering £164,000 – goodness knows what the figure is now!


Photo: The First Deemster with some of the Island’s ‘great and good’.


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