The IOM RTU At It Again!


Is it a dead time for news? You wouldn’t think so in the run up to the Isle of Man budget – but there you go.

This morning Manx Radio was running the umpteenth outing of the great police road traffic unit (RTU) crack down (link):…/changes-to-police-vehicle-check…/

You get the impression that the police are anxious to publicise anything except…burglaries because over on 3fm it was the class of 2016 that was getting an outing (link):…/changes-to-police-vehicle-check…/

I mean it’s not as if the Island doesn’t have other news issues at present what with energy increases, benefit cuts and an unfolding health services drama as Facebook brings to the DHSC its worse nightmare.

Anyway back to the Police RTU and their ENDLESS campaign I found that I couldn’t even watch TV last night without thinking about it – you know when that apprehensive motorist pulls up in the rain and the cop walks menacingly towards him and then says pleasantly ‘cattle on the road sir’. At first I thought it was the Isle of Man Police RTU campaign interrupting ITV Drama then I realised it was just the Skoda Advert!

Perhaps that is what has infected Gary Roberts and the RTU a desire to be more visible prompted by all these TV and film cop dramas and adverts.

So what have the RTU in mind for TT week? ‘Electra Glide in Blue’ might give them some ideas!

Photo: Robert Blake as lonely Arizona traffic cop in the film ‘Electra Glide in Blue’.


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