The Colonel Blimps in Our Midst!


I wonder what ever happened to the 9th Roman Legion? Stationed in Britain it apparently tramped north into Caledonia – Scotland to you and me – sometime about the mid 2nd century AD and just disappeared. It appears it must have run into an early manifestation of Celtic fans.

I was thinking about the 9th when I realised that all was quiet on the Manx Reserves front.

At one time it was all over the Manx media with daily bulletins from the recruiting jamboree on Douglas promenade courtesy of the British Force Broadcasting Service (BFBS) on Douglas head. Then there were a few spluttering reports and finally it disappeared into a disused school in Lord Street and like the 9th Roman Legion just disappeared.

Now we (Celtic League) are noted for our criticisms of the military. I mean at one time we had a dedicated military monitoring campaign. However we were not selective we didn’t just have distaste for British militarism, we equally disdain the French and indeed NATO armed forces – particularly when the latter pollute or disfigure areas of the Celtic countries on exercises.

Celtic League got a fair bit of criticism at the time of the ‘Manx Reserves’ manifestation (I call it that because I think that’s what you call something that appears and disappears) as indeed did Mec Vannin who were equally critical.

Our opposition disturbed the ‘Colonel Blimp’ mentality that seems to infect some in Mann. They think things (British) military like the Reserves must only be good.

Indeed they are so besotted by the sight of a uniform or a big gun that they lose all ability for rational thought.

Ironically, it seems we should have been cheering on the Reserves initiative because it means less not more troops.

It’s a shame though that those enthusiastically supporting the initiative didn’t think of its consequences on those already in the services!…/Wounded-soldiers-face-sack-und……/sacked-soldiers-face-homelessness……/Army-hands-redundancy-notices-……/mod-military-personnel-made-re…

Graphic: ‘Colonel Blimp from Powell and Pressburger’s ‘The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp’


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