The Basking Shark Is Not To Be Feared It’s The Sharks Within Our Midst!


The graphic I have used on here is not fair because the basking shark is not a predator it is a gentle creature that quietly swims around scooping up plankton.

However somehow when I see the photograph, which is a well trailed these days, it reminds me of the Chamber of Commerce and the business community on the Isle of Man. They seem to always have their mouth open or their hand outstretched looking for the latest handout from government.

There is a propensity in the Council of Minsters at the present time to kowtow to the Chief Minister and his insatiable desire to placate that business community.

The vast bulk of the Manx population that work hard and pay their taxes are irrelevant in Allan Bells grand design we are just the drones that feed his insatiable desire for growth. Austerity is something for us to suffer not politicians and their business chums.

Ministers brag at overseas conferences (as I recorded in a post earlier today) about the growth that the Island has enjoyed for over 30 years.

Yet Manx people for the most part are not prosperous or enjoying a great lifestyle we are prodded and squeezed for taxes and charges to keep the ship afloat while Allan unveils his latest design TO GIVE OUR RESERVES – £50 MILLION OF THEM – to spivs and speculators.

Is there no one in the Council of Ministers or for that matter in Tynwald who will say enough is enough?

This Chief Minister has ‘mortgaged the house now he wants to sell the family silver’ and his colleagues look on passively while the REAL SHARKS circle waiting to empty our pockets!


Issued by: The Celtic News



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