‘Thanks Heavens’ In The Isle Of Man Our Poor Are Not Neglected!


TE Brown famously wrote ‘thank heaven in the Isle of Man our poor are not neglected’. Things don’t change much then despite 30 years of ‘growth’!

But does anyone know what the situation as regards food and fuel poverty on the Isle of Man?

When the Manx Gas issue raised its astonishingly ugly head the Chief Minister did opine that perhaps some work needed to be done to establish what levels of fuel poverty exist here. However over the years since as far back as 2007 the issue appears on the question paper in Tynwald and then disappears for a few more years. Surely its past time for action Chief Minister not words?

Meanwhile from about 2013-15 the food poverty issue seemed to be also a rising cause of concern.

In October 2014 IOMToday reported the situation was such that the existing foodbank charity needed more new accommodation and more volunteers – here’s the link:


By March 2015 the foodbank had found its larger premises and moved – again IOMToday carried the story and here’s the link:


The interesting thing about this was that the report says that the new premises were being made available by government at a low rent. Given the vital function such bodies fulfil it seems a bit cheeky that the government are charging them at all!

However by the very nature of the way they operate and the well meaning individuals who volunteer – small community with perhaps information from Social Services – such charities are going to keep a low profile and eschew any publicity that might be deemed ‘political’.

That’s a bit unfortunate because unless the fortunes of Island residents have improved dramatically since last year (which I very much doubt) then the issue of food poverty in a comparatively wealthy community should not be something that remains in the shadows.

Certainly we haven’t had a headline of late like this one from three years ago ‘Isle of Man hunger levels shocking’ (link):


So what’s the true picture as they say in Private Eye ‘I think we should be told’?


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