Tea With Putin – I’m Glad We Never Went!


Some months ago we declined an invitation to attend an anti-globalization meeting in Moscow.


One of the reasons for our decision was that the group hosting the meeting did seem to be inordinately close to the Russian government a suggestion which I should point out they vigorously denied.

We also were conscious at that time of the attempts by the Russian government to build bridges to separatist movements across Europe and I understand quite a few groups did take up the offer to attend.

At the time the League were also conscious of the attempt by the Russian Federation to resolve the conflict in East Ukraine by force.

There is no doubt that the Russian speaking minority there may have legitimate grievances. But for Russia first to annex Crimea (which houses significant minority groups other than Russian speakers) and then support militarily the conflict in the Donbass region pushed Europe closer to general conflict than at any time since WW 2.

Last week a UK government report suggested that the Alexander Litvinenko poisoning was approved by the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russians have responded to the accusation by saying the inquiry was politicised and there may well be grounds for their dismissive scepticism it would not be the first time the UK government has made ‘the evidence fit the facts’.

However on balance our decision not to get ‘up close and personal’ with the Russian anti-globalization movement was the correct one whether or not Putin signed off the lacing of Litvinenko’s tea!

Graphic: Chris Cairns ‘Putin’ cartoon – Cairns is a regular cartoon contributor on the blog ‘Wings over Scotland’.


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