Straightforward Legislation to Stop ‘Keyboard Cowards’


On the back of the Manx Treasury Ministers offer of a reward to catch an individual who sent a poison pen letter to his house threatening him and his family we highlighted the case of Irish politician Senator Lorraine Higgins.

Senator Higgins has received several threats over many months mainly over the internet. She told media sources initially she almost gave up political life because of the abuse which was incredibly vile (see links below).

However to her credit she has not given into the ‘keyboard cowards’ who hide behind anonymity on the internet and is fighting back by introducing legislation into the Irish parliament.

‘The Harmful and Malicious Electronic Communications Bill 2015’ is an incredibly straightforward and concise piece of legislation. A copy of the Bill can be found at the link below:

It is to be hoped that Ireland will grasp the nettle and tackle online threats and cyber abuse and other jurisdictions will do likewise.

The legislation does not interfere with freedom of speech but is would disrupt the ability of anonymous individuals to threaten and abuse on line

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