Stormy Scenes as Activists Attack UKIP Intolerance Towards Welsh Language


Welsh Language activists staged a protest this week when the UK Independence Party held a meeting in North Wales.

The Welsh language supporters accused the main speaker at the meeting of intolerance towards the Welsh language and also understandably criticised UKIP for holding a meeting in a predominantly Welsh speaking area of Wales without:

“no translation facilities, no Welsh leaflets and no Welsh-speaking representatives”

UKIP tried to deflect criticism of comments made at the meeting which generated the newspaper headline:

“Anger as UKIP chief says people moving to Wales to work in the NHS should learn English”

The Party asserted they were alluding to people moving to the United Kingdom.

However the language activists were not deflected and spokesman Dr Simon Brooks said UKIP are a party ‘that targets minorities’.

It seems that future forays by UKIP into areas of Wales will be met with equally strong opposition as the Party tries to spread a message that many in Wales find unacceptable.

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