St Brendan’s Feast Day

‘Today, May 16, is believed to have been the day of Saint Brendan’s death and is also his feast day. St Brendan is one of the most famous Irish saints, but whether he got to America before Christopher Columbus has remained one of the continuing Irish mysteries.’

It’s enough to get me to dust off my turntable and root out the famous Brendan Voyage Suite composed by Shaun Davey and played by Liam O’Flynn on the uillean pipes with orchestral accompaniment.

Some of course were lucky to see the suite performed in full at the Lorient Festival many years ago.


Report from Irish Central:…/st-brendan-ireland-america

Youtube performance of the Brendan Voyage Suite 10th movement:

Hereis the ‘full deal’ – 40 minutes:

Image: The replica of St Brendans boat inset ‘the man himself’.

So did St Brendan reach America via the Northern Isles and Iceland? I like to think so.

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (submitted 16th May 2021)

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