Sorry Bill Your Protestations Have A Hollow Ring


It looks as if the welter of criticism which is growing of the reassessment of disabled persons which has seem over 40% reclassified as fit for work is starting to rattle the political denizens of the treasury.

Bill Henderson MLC who has increasingly become the Treasury Ministers bag man on this issue is on Energy fm defending the system here:

Now Bill’s claims I’m sorry to say do not have the ring of truth they single desperation on the part of Treasury Social Security section that their device to catapult a sizeable number of people out of the benefits system has been rumbled.

Remember these are reassessments of people deemed unfit for work by their GP the medical practitioner who should (and I think does) have the best handle on the persons capability. Under the old system they would make application and then be assessed if the DHSS saw fit by a GP nominated by them. I know from experience on Social Security appeals panels that this system was rigorous.

It is conceivable that a spurious claim could get through the net. It is also conceivable that persons assessed could experience an improvement in health that puts their initial categorisation for disability payments in question.

However I am sorry I do not accept that over 40% of those in receipt of benefits would meet those criteria.

In the United Kingdom these assessments of disabled people have been shown up for what they are – a wicked attack on vulnerable people which in many cases has result in greater injury or death befalling a considerable number.

The Isle of Man should not allow the IOM government to continue this process. Individual politicians, political parties, interest groups and the public should speak out.

‘Dependability’ should be sent packing back to the UK where there is a market for these loathsome assessments there should be no place for them in this society.


Issued by: The Celtic News



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