Sophie Morrisons Contribution to Cultural Life Was Enormous


Sophia Morrison’s contribution to Manx nationalism and cultural life was enormous and her death at a comparatively young age a great loss (link):

She did however inspire a small coterie of followers including the legendary Mona Douglas who kept the flame of cultural and political nationalism flickering over the decades until the present revival in fortunes started both for the Manx language and political nationalism in the early 1960s.

I have on several occasions called for greater acknowledgement not just of Morrison and Douglas but also symbolic figures from earlier periods and also figures, sadly no longer with us, from the revival of the 1960s onwards (links):

Most recently I made such a call at the Annual Illiam Dhone commemoration which probably recalls the most significant patriot and martyr of our country (link).

I’m pleased that at its AGM this year Mec Vannin agreed to initiate a programme to remember some of our more significant cultural and political icons.

On this coming Saturday (28th November) a wreath will be laid at the grave of Sophia Morrison in Peel Cemetery at 1:30. Later that afternoon (2:30 at the Guild Room on Peel) a memorial lecture for Colin Jerry who played a pivotal role (if not the pivotal role) in the revival of Manx traditional music will be given by Bob Carswell. Colin not only played music, he promoted the language, manufactured instruments, printed books of music for beginners and developed an inter-Celtic profile for Manx culture via his many years organising the Lorient Festival contribution.

It is really positive that we have two crucial figures spanning Manx culture at the beginning and end of the last century being commemorated on the same day.

I trust this will be the precursor to similar ceremonies which acknowledge the great debt owed to a number of individuals whose commitment to our Nation was priceless

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