Shell pull out of Mayo

“It tore the heart out of a community. There was heavy handed policing and brutality towards protesters. Men who had never put a foot wrong in their life were jailed. The military were deployed to obstruct protest. Fishermen’s livelihoods and in some instances their boats were destroyed. There were hunger strikes.

No it wasn’t in some despotic Middle East State or some South American ‘banana republic’ it was Ireland over the last decade.

The fight of the North West Mayo community to resist the Shell oil company’s plans to bulldoze its way through their community and establish an onshore gas terminal became a fight that was publicised and supported worldwide. Documentaries were made about the fight of ‘little people’ against a mighty multi-national corporation.” (Celtic League)

Now Shell is selling of the resource to a Canadian Pension Fund:…/shell-loses-about-1bn-on-corri…

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pp Celtic League


Natural gas started to flow from Corrib field at the end of 2015
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