Shadowy Deals Under Scrutiny at AGM


The question of companies’ registration and the Isle of Man Shipping and Aircraft registry came under scrutiny at the Celtic League AGM in Dublin last weekend (10-12th April). The following resolution was unanimously adopted:

“This AGM:

Mindful of the adverse International publicity generated over the past five years in relation to the Isle of Man companies, shipping and aircraft register calls for tighter regulation and controls of the register.

The League cite the examples of the use of the Isle of Man by the Iranian State company IRISL and the allegation by the Israeli government (2010) that some IRISL vessels were used for the illicit transport of arms.

The League also cites the more recent example (2014) of aircraft allegedly removed from Ukraine by the former President of that country Victor Yanukovych.”

The Manx government has previously denied that IRISL vessels registered via Manx companies were used for the arms shipments alleged. However the Israeli Embassy told the Celtic League in 2010 that:

“Given that in November 2009 a Douglas-registered ship (‘Visea’), owned by Douglas-based ‘Byfleet Shipping’ transferred 320 tons worth of arms shipments, including 9,000 mortar shells, thousands of 107-mm Katyusha rockets, 600 122-mm rockets, and hundreds of thousands of rounds of Iranian ammunition, onto another ship, ‘Francop’, destined for Hezbollah, it seems that the Isle of Man government may indeed have acted in breach of UN Security Council Resolution 1747.”

Similarly the Manx government rejected concerns first published on the Ukrainian Euromaiden press agency about the Yanukovych aircraft deal.

The Manx government obviously hopes with the passage of time squalid deals will be forgotten.

J B Moffatt (Mr)

Director of Information
Celtic League


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