Self Determination Call at League Meeting


The anachronism of the old colonial powers such as Britain and France still maintaining overseas territories and dependencies at a time when most countries have achieved full self determination was the subject of a resolution from the Manx branch of the Celtic League at the Dublin AGM.

Manx Branch Secretary, Roy Kennaugh, on behalf of the branch moved the following resolution which was enthusiastically and unanimously supported by all present:

“This AGM:

Calls on the United Nations Committee on Decolonisation to:

1) Redouble its efforts to achieve the self-determination of all territories and dependencies of former colonial powers such as the United Kingdom France and the Netherlands.
2) Set a time frame of twenty years for the implementation of full and unlimited self-determination in those territories and dependencies
3) Seek a 5 yearly report from each colonial power to report the practical steps they are taking to advance the relevant territories and dependencies towards unlimited self determination
4) Reminds the Committee that colonial powers who retain an overarching responsibility for such territories can at present act with impunity and to that end the Celtic League cites the treatment of the Chagos Islanders of the BIOT (British Indian Ocean Territory).”

(Note: Branches or Officers that propose resolutions subsequently adopted are responsible for there implementation. Other branches can support and endorse the mover of the resolution subject to liaison with them. Implementation of this resolution because it involves liaison with the UN will require the involvement of the General Secretary).

J B Moffatt (Mr)

Director of Information
Celtic League


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