Scottish Office Appointment Points to “Sleaze at the Heart of the UK Government”

The Scottish National Party (SNP) have been scathing in their criticism of the appointment of businessman and Conservative party donor Mark Offord who is to be made a Scotland Office minister. This is despite him failing to win a seat in the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May of this year. In order to facilitate this appointment he will be given a peerage to allow him to take up the UK government role.

It has been revealed that he had previously donated £2500 to Michael Gove, a British conservative politician, who is at present a secretary of state in the Government of the United Kingdom. It has also been reported that he has given £147,500 to the Conservatives. The SNP’s Cabinet Office spokesman Stewart Hosie stated that Mr Offord’s appointment through a seat in the House of Lords was an example of “the sleaze at the heart of the UK government”.

Image: Mark Offord

Submitted and posted by Alastair Kneale

DOI Celtic League (4th October 2021)

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