Scots in South America – The Forgotten Diaspora


Our article on the Patagonian Welsh Diaspora has provoked some quite speedy and positive feedback.

One of the most interesting comments came from John Fitzpatrick (from São Paulo in Brazil) who helpfully enclosed a link to an article he had written on ‘SCOTS IN SOUTH AMERICA – THE FORGOTTEN DIASPORA’.

He of course includes reference in the article to the Darien expedition: the failed attempt to establish a colony in Central America which many will be familiar with.

However, the article is much more wide ranging and rather than unpick it I will simply post the link. I am sure CL News readers will find it of interest.

However, I would remark that I was pleasantly surprised to read in the article that in the early 20th Century in the (Brazil) Sao Paulo State Football League there was a team called ‘Scottish Wanderers’!

I also noted his reference to the pipe band festival in Buenos Aires and that jogged my memory as the 22 International branch members that I referred to in the earlier article were (if my memory of my conversation with Alan Heusaff all those years ago is correct) a pipe band!

It’s a small world.

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