Scotland: West Coast super Trawler Fishing Frenzy Goes On

I mentioned yesterday the frenzied fishing activity off the West of Scotland (Hebrides) with a large concentration of the factory style super trawlers. This comes at a time when vessels in the indigenous fishing communities are in many instance tied up due to market problems over the Covid-19 pandemic and being supported by Industry subventions from government:

FISHING KLONDYKE AS CORONAVIRUS RAGESAs local fishermen in Scotland. Ireland and Mann have to tie up and subsist on…

Posted by Mannin Branch Celtic League on Monday, April 13, 2020

I identified most of the major trawlers but remarked the beast of them all the massive Annelies Ilena (14000 Tonne) did not seem to be present. However today it is showing as are a number of other smaller vessels which were not indicated 18 hours ago. The Annelies Ilena is currently Polish flagged but operates for the usual suspects in Holland.

The good news is the SFPA Hirta is in the area so I hope they are on the job and ensuring these trawlers play by the rules.

Image: SFPA Hirta

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (14th April 2020)

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