Scotland: Mundell Gets Stormy Welcome at Foodbank


Angry protesters demonstrated when Conservative Scotland Office Minister, David Mundell MP, (Scotland’s sole Tory Westminster MP) turned up to open another Foodbank in the town of Dumfries this week.

Those who gathered to ‘greet’ the Minister were annoyed at comments he had made earlier suggesting that there was no link between the growth of foodbanks and Tory austerity policies which in the recent budget targeted those living on benefits and who are already ‘existing’ below the poverty line.

The attached video and report from the Daily Record shows the Ministers car with protesters surrounding it:

Eventually police have to assist so that Mundell can get out of town.

Perhaps a more objective account of the Mundell excursion to Dumfries can be found on this blog by the author Mark Frankland who also helps run another foodbank in Dumfries. It is titled ‘THE DAY WHEN DAVID MUNDELL VICEROY OF SCOTLAND WAS RUN OUT OF OUR SMALL LITTLE TOWN’:

He recounts the events on the day and also sets out how Mundell failed to respond to an invitation from their foodbank to come and spend a day with the volunteers.

J B Moffatt (Mr)

Director of Information
Celtic League



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