Scotland: Fuel Poverty Group Meet


In an initiative that could well be replicated in other Celtic countries (particularly the Isle of Man) ideas for tackling fuel poverty have been discussed today by a new group meeting for the first time in Inverness in Scotland

The Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force has been established by the Scottish Government. Its remit is to find ways of making it easier and more affordable for people in rural and remote Scotland to heat their homes.

It will prepare a report on its findings over the next year and Chair Di Alexander told local media.

“Affordable warmth is still presenting a major problem for far too many rural and island households especially those living in doubly-disadvantaged off-gas areas,

“The job of the task force is to come up with practicable and deliverable solutions to all aspects of the problem and I’m delighted that we will have so much problem-solving experience to draw upon when we set to our task.”

It is a sad indictment of out times that fuel and food poverty are becoming endemic not least in parts of the Celtic countries

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