Salmond Victory Overcomes Electoral System Designed To block SNP


The Director of Information (DOI) for the Celtic League has hailed the victory of the SNP in recent Holyrood elections as an incredible success made all the more striking by the fact that the electoral system for the Scottish parliament was initially designed to block such an outcome.

Speaking on Manx Radio’s `talking heads’ programme the DOI said that the SNP leader Alex Salmond had once again demonstrated what an astute leader he was.

Asked about the contrast with the slow pace of progress constitutionally elsewhere in the Celtic countries the DOI said the Isle of Man faced the real prospect that Scotland would overhaul it on the road to independence.

He also said that Alex Salmond’s victory had demonstrated that those who demonstrate negativity towards nationalist aspirations are misguided and that was a lesson that should be learned in other Celtic countries.

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J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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