Room For Improvement At Manx Radio? I Don’t Mean The Extension!


I saw a headline on Manx Radio’s web page which said;

‘Room for improvement’ in tourism – It got me thinking is there room for improvement at Manx Radio? I don’t mean the newly mooted station extension I mean in hard hitting output.

After all folks this is a vital year for all us ‘mid Irish Sea island dwellers’ what with imminent elections for local authorities not to mention the ‘big one’ in September when you get an opportunity to pass an opinion on how well you think Allan Bell and the current COMIN crop have performed – not to mention the supporting acts in Tynwald.

Government are already crapping themselves that the turn out for the elections will be further diminished so surely to move the agenda on maybe there’s an enhanced role for our National broadcaster in widening the debate.

By the way I don’t mean more of ‘the Daily Bell’ with his doom and gloom message which seems destined to push an already disenchanted electorate further away from the ballot box if not make them suicidal.

Surely this is the year for our National broadcaster to shake-off any myopic tendencies and broaden that agenda, hit the ground running look at the larger picture – not just the plans for the extension!

It’s a big year for us folks so will our favourite station rise to the challenge with the thought provoking, incisive, probing, in depth analysis we all yearn for – not just more Allan!

As we speak a hard hitting strategy could be under consideration ‘on the head’ which will make this an election year to remember. We can hope!

Photo: Manx Radio – the bunker soon to be physically transformed. But will this years output transform our lives?


Issued by: The Celtic News



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