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The last ten years of Celtic League resolutions has now been uploaded to the organisations’ website, detailing some of the activity that has been undertaken by the League over the last decade.

The resolutions cover topics as diverse as calling on the BBC to better represent Cornwall’s distinctive Celtic nature in its broadcasts (2010) to calling on the Irish Government and the EU member states to respect the Irish ‘No to Nice’ vote (2001) to congratulating the Scottish parliament on passing the first Scottish Gaelic Act (2005). Some of the resolutions are now historically moribund (e.g. for the Irish Government and the EU member states to respect the Irish ‘No to Nice’ vote, 2001), some are on-going (e.g. Campaign to monitor and expose political and commercial corruption in the Celtic Countries, 2002), some have been achieved (e.g. that the League will continue with the publication of CARN magazine until at least 2011, 2008) and some are still to be acted upon (e.g. that the Irish Government appoint an official already in post to extend their remit to take in Inter-Celtic Affairs, 2011).

The resolutions will continue to be uploaded until all of the known resolutions are listed on the website. Apart from it being a useful record of the League’s work over the years the listing of the resolutions has a more practical usage too. In listing the resolutions branches and members will be able to assess what actions still need to be taken and be aware of what resolutions have already been passed so that it can be used as a quick check to see that no motions introduced at AGM’s are a repeat of what has been agreed to and discussed before.

Most resolutions are listed in previous editions of the League’s publication ‘Carn’, but in extracting the resolutions in this way, it is hoped that easier access can be achieved for those readers who are interested.



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