Refugee Crisis Should not be Exploited to Extend War



Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood AM has said that the current refugee crisis should not be exploited by the UK government to start a bombing campaign in Syria.

The Plaid leader said:

“There is a real danger now that the refugee crisis will be exploited as an excuse for launching a bombing campaign in Syria.

“Resorting to kneejerk military action, especially with no clear exit strategy is tantamount to pouring fuel on the fire. The US has been launching airstrikes for many months to little effect. Do they have any idea how many civilians have been killed by these actions?

“Stepping up this assault will only serve to intensify the violence, destroy what little infrastructure Syria has left, and more than likely displace far more people.
“Plaid Cymru has also been disturbed by the news that the UK government authorised the killing of a British citizen among possibly others on Syrian soil, despite parliament voting down any military action in the region.

“The UK government must bring to bear its full influence on countries in the region with which it has strong trade ties who are still permitting the flow of arms, fuel, and money into the hands of IS.”

Last week Ms Wood welcomed the decision by the Cameron government to take in more refugees however she has since qualified this saying the number set by the British government of 20,000 should not be an upper limit:
“Plaid Cymru welcomes the fact that the Prime Minister has at last bowed to public pressure by changing his mind about taking more Syrian refugees into the UK. This is a good starting point but we still need to do much, much more and I have made it clear that Plaid Cymru will do everything we can to help.

“The crisis unfolding can no longer be ignored. The UK government’s previous actions have contributed to the instability and conflicts in the Middle East that are at the root of this crisis so it’s only right for the state to take in a greater number of refugees affected by these various conflicts.

“The Prime Minister should now work closely with devolved governments to ensure that each of the nations of UK makes provision for a fair quota of refugees as a matter of urgency. I reiterate my previous call on the leaders of the other Welsh parties to agree a joint statement from Wales, offering practical help and support to our fellow human beings in their time of desperate need.”


Issued by: The Celtic News



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