Redemption: Some Kind Words From The Bishop


The Albert Gubay funeral! You say to yourself best not to comment just let the thing ‘quietly’ take its natural course and then it is thrust back in your face again by Manx Radio.

Today we had Bishop Tom Williams saying:

‘If anyone has got a negative opinion of him the (charitable) trust itself will prove what a thoughtful person he was’ (Story and clip):…/i…/hundreds-attend-gubay-funeral/

Well we can only hope so because I suppose if you believe in the type of philosophy peddled by the Catholic (and other) Churches everyone can expect redemption.

Anyway they were kind words from the Bishop at a difficult time for the family.

It made me wonder if the Catholic Church or indeed any theological body had similar comforting sentiments to extend to the family of Roly Drower who died at an early age not long after his well publicised legal battle with the late Mr Gubay who of course went on to become a Papal Knight.

As the Manx Independent succinctly put it today:

‘Rarely can two opponents have been so unequally matched in a libel fight,’ reported the Guardian in November of that year, adding that Mr Gubay was attempting to have ‘impoverished lampoonist Roly Drower thrown into the island’s antiquated Victoria Road jail for refusing to disclose his sources’.

Well it may have been an unequal fight but I know who was ‘might’ and who was ‘right’!

Anyway it might have been nice had ‘Bishop Tom’ had his eye on the ball at the time and been there to share some soothing words of comfort over Manx Radio for Roly.

On the other hand Roly was a freethinker so I doubt he would have appreciated it!


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