Protect Your Place Names To Protect Your Heritage


Not known for pulling her punches the Language Commissioner for Wales, Meri Huws, has said that place names should enjoy the same protection as listed buildings.

She told BBC Wales that changes to historic place names should be banned by law and that certain names should be given added protection by being placed on a ‘statutory register’.

The Deputy Culture Minister in the parliament of Wales Ken attempted to question the idea saying the idea would be very difficulty to deliver.

However the feisty Ms Huws rebutted that saying that the Historic Environment Bill progressing through the assembly provided:

“a real opportunity for us to protect names through a statutory register and that is done in other places in the world.

“We have Welsh place names in Wales, we’ve got English place names, we’ve got Scandinavian place names, we’ve also got Irish and Flemish place names.

“But it all reflects our history, and that history is critical to us as a people.”

The Deputy Culture Minister has suggested an amendment to allow names of historical interest to be added to local records.

However the Language Commissioner says;

“If we are going to record, it’s a very small step then to place a protection on that name.”

“You’d have to consider how we would protect it, but we do that with buildings – why not do it with place names?”

Somehow we think, going on her record to date, she will get her way.

Other Celtic countries may like to consider the idea!
Issued by: The Celtic News



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