Plans For Kennish Memorial Gravestone In New York


This weekends commemoration for significant contributors to Manx political and cultural life made me recall a ‘day school event’ I went to some years ago at the old teachers centre in Lord Street, Douglas.

The late, Freddie Cowle and Walter Clarke were giving a beginners guide to Manx and also, as was the informal style, talking about Manx cultural life and history.

I attended the session hosted by Freddie Cowle (himself a great Manxman) and as part of his presentation Freddie spoke about the life and work of William Kennish averring that Kennish, a poet, explorer, scientist, engineer, mapmaker and inventor of some note was now, like many such people, forgotten in his own country.

These links provide information on Kennish and show what a great man he was and how many of his inventions and ideas were decades ahead of there time:

Kennish is buried in New York but now plans are in hand to launch a fund raising activity to place a memorial gravestone on the (currently unmarked) final resting place of William Kennish at the Green Wood Cemetery, New York. It is to be made from Manx granite and will be shipped from the Isle of Man to New York. It is hoped the project can be completed by March 19th 2016 which is the anniversary of his death in 1862.

I trust all true Manxmen and those that love the Isle of Man will support this worthwhile endeavour
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