Plaid Cymru Say Trident Cost Not Justifiable


The news that the replacement of the United Kingdom’s Trident nuclear submarine missile deterrent will cost a staggering 167 billion has provoked a strong reaction from Plaid Cymru (the Party of Wales)

Plaid Treasury spokesman, Jonathan Edwards MP said:

”The original estimate of £100bn over the Trident system’s lifetime was hard enough to stomach. This new revised figure of £167 bn shows that the cost is simply out of control.

”Any government seriously considering spending such an amount on a Cold War relic has clearly lost its moral compass.

”With so many individuals and families facing shrinking salaries and cuts to vital services in their communities, it is difficult to fathom how anyone could justify this sum.

”Plaid Cymru has strongly and consistently opposed the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system. We believe that this money would be far better spent on schools, hospitals and roads – things that will safeguard our future, not endanger it.”

Mr Eavans also criticised Labour saying

”The Labour party’s dithering and disunity on Trident renewal threatens to give the Tories a free ride on this issue. Jeremy Corbyn must now bring greater pressure on his MPs and urge them all to join Plaid Cymru in opposing these obscene proposals.”
Issued by: The Celtic News



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