People Seize Court: Let’s Hope This Catches On!


Now here is something that stuffed shirted bewigged Manx Deemsters, apparently perpetually anchored in the 19th century, had better not hope catches on in the Isle of Man.

Integrity Ireland (I-I) which was set up to campaign against judicial malfeasance and ‘encourage openness, transparency and justice in Irish State institutions’ – especially in ‘policing, the legal profession and the Courts’ mounted something of a coup earlier this month in the Courtroom at Castlebar in Co Mayo (see link):

After I-I members applied to place the Judge and Prosecutor under citizens arrest the Judge fled. Undeterred I-I seized the Court installed its own Judge and carried on with the case. Bemused Gardai and Court officials seemed clueless as to how to deal with the matter and as chaos prevailed were turfed-out.

Eventually the Court alarm was put on to disrupt the ‘people’s court’.

The item below from the Mayo news is one of the few mainstream reports although plenty of information on the event has circulated on social media

Integrity Ireland as part of their campaigning have described oversight bodies set up by the State as ‘bogus, ineffective and toothless’. It sounds just like the Isle of Man!

Perhaps it’s time to establish INTEGRITY – MANN! Anyone fancy a turn in Doyle’s chair?

Related link Integrity Ireland:


Issued by: The Celtic News



The Celtic League established in 1961 has branches in the six Celtic Countries. It promotes cooperation between the countries and campaigns on a range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, military activity and socio-economic issues


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