Patagonia: Major Cultural Tour by Welsh Orchestra and Choir


To mark the 150th anniversary since Welsh settlements were established in Patagonia both the BBC National Orchestra Wales (BBC NOW) and the National Youth Choir of Wales (NYCW) is currently touring Patagonia.

The National Orchestra Wales has this week been working with communities throughout Patagonia, in a week-long residency marking the establishment of Y Wladfa, the Welsh settlement in the Province.

The Patagonia visits includes a finale on the 30th of October with two gala performances in an old wool warehouse in Trelew, the Predio Ferial, which has been transformed in to a concert hall especially for the concerts, and will later host the town’s annual Eisteddfod – a Welsh festival for the arts.

At the same time Orchestra members have been visiting towns in the Chubut Province of Argentina to work with over 1000 children from schools and community groups in Patagonia. They have been delivering workshops and masterclasses and the musicians are visiting schools and communities in towns including Puerto Madryn, Rawson, Trelew, Trevelin, Esquel and Gaiman.

Uniquely the Orchestra has also been providing a “musicians on call” service – to perform in the living rooms and kitchens of people unable to attend the public events.

Following the initial focus of the visit on the Patagonia (Welsh speaking area) the Orchestra and Choir will perform at other venues in Argentina into November.

The Celtic League has a branch in Patagonia and you will see reports on the visit on their Facebook site (link):

There is a translation facility with most postings on the site.


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