Offshore tax scandal now touches ‘The Room At The Top’

What CBC intriguingly call a tax scam involving wealthy Canadians, KPMG (Canada) and the Isle of Man now it seems reaches right to the top of the Canadian political system. CBC says:
“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated his own conflict of interest guidelines, according to NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and the head of Democracy Watch, an advocacy group on government ethics.
“The alleged conflict stems from the appointment in June 2016 of John Herhalt, the national “public sector leader” for accounting firm KPMG, as treasurer of the Liberal Party. That appointment came the same month that a Liberal-dominated parliamentary committee halted its investigation into KPMG’s offshore tax dodge in the Isle of Man, according to an investigation by CBC’s The Fifth Estate.
“Last year Liberal MPs voted to kill the investigation into KPMG, that same month a director from KPMG was appointed treasurer for the Liberal Party,” Mulcair said in question period Tuesday. “Ending the KPMG investigation and then hiring somebody from KPMG — that’s called a conflict of interest.”
Full report at this link:…/…/kpmg-liberal-party-treasurer-1.4115692
Public Relations Officer Mannin Branch
Issued by: The Mannin branch of the Celtic League.

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