Nuclear Transport Fire Sparks AGM Resolution


This years Celtic League AGM to be held in Dublin in April will be asked to approve a resolution tightening up International regulations surrounding the shipment of nuclear waste by sea.

The resolution is prompted by the serious incident in November when a Danish vessel carrying waste from Dounreay caught fire of N E Scotland. The vessel the MV Parida drifted out of control for many hours after an engine room fire had disabled its systems. The incident caused the nearby Beatrice oil platform to be closed down with 52 oil workers evacuated.

The Celtic League has already pressed to Danish authorities for a report on the incident (see link):

Transports of nuclear waste by sea regularly occur often through the relatively confined waters of the Irish Sea. A repeat of a similar incident in the Irish Sea area with the potential for a catastrophic fire which was not contained could lead to a major and long lasting nuclear pollution incident.

The nuclear industry has always insisted that vessels undertaking such work had suitable resilience in terms of back-up systems. However, the MV Parida incident has clearly demonstrated that International regulations are not tight enough.

The Celtic League resolution will urge a multi-agency approach involving International bodies, Governments and NGOs to address the issue.

J B Moffatt (Mr)

Director of Information
Celtic League


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