Now Quayle Linked to nama Allegations


There’s now a further Manx link to the NAMA allegations Dail deputy Mick Wallace made last week.

Readers of CL News will recall that Wallace alleged that a substantial amount of money £7 million pounds had been diverted to an offshore account in the Isle of Man. It was the contention of Wallace that these monies were intended for an, as yet, unidentified politician in the North of Ireland.

The NAMA portfolio in question is the largest divested by the so-called ‘bad bank’ set up by the Irish government to handle properties taken over after the Irish property collapse and financial impulsion some years ago. The portfolio of properties in the North of Ireland is said to be worth over 1.3 Billion pounds.

A report today, in the Irish News, highlights what the paper calls secret meetings between senior politician in the North and former US Vice President, Dan Quayle.

Quayle, whose great-grandfather was from the Isle of Man, served as Vice President under George Bush (Snr) from 1989-1993.

The new allegations are certain to broaden the scandal although so far authorities both North and South of the border are resisting pressure for independent inquiries into the claims although pressure is being piled on.

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