No One Likes Us! Whinge TV Licence Bullies


If ever the adage ‘you reap what you sow’ was appropriate. It seems that TV licensing is playing to the gallery because their staff are facing abuse and even assault as ‘they go about their business’ (link):

But TV licensing the body which collects the licence monies for the BBC and tracks down the ‘wicked people’ who won’t pay a licence has some experience of ‘dishing out’ threats as well.

In February 2014 the Daily Telegraph reported the BBC had paid out £100,000 in compensation to people who had been on the receiving end of TV Licensing abuse (link);

Meanwhile that ‘august’ publication the Daily Mail revealed in August 2014 that 100,000 threatening letters had been sent out every working day. A staggering 47 million letters in two years (link):

Obviously when TV licensing and their staff are on the receiving end it’s a different matter and they believe anyone who breaks the law should be prosecuted. That was what people on the Isle of Man hoped might happen when it was revealed that TV licensing staff had been coming to the Isle of Man FOR YEARS and breaking Control of Employment legislation (i.e. no work permits). Were they prosecuted were they hell! They got away scot free!

For the avoidance of doubt we don’t condone threats or violence towards TV licensing staff but perhaps the Company should practice what it preaches and act less aggressively towards the public.

Meanwhile we come back to the old question why are we even paying TV licence fees in the Isle of Man when no one can say when the legislation was originally extended to Mann.

Perhaps the BBC and TV licensing were breaking the law for many years themselves prior to the current TV levy being placed on a proper footing. Now there’s a thought!
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