No Interpol and No Extradition For Manx Courts Fugitive


The British government steps to extradite the partner of former Eastenders star Sian Blake back to the UK where he will face questioning by police over the death of the his wife and their two sons is attracting high profile media coverage.

However every year the UK takes steps to bring back to its jurisdiction those suspected of involvement in crimes. Most cases are however conducted without the glare of publicity attendant on this one.

Paradoxically although five years have elapsed no one seems to be interested in establishing the whereabouts of Mr Che Awembeng Collins.

Mr Collins case does not involve an allegation of murder but it did involve an alleged serious sexual attack on the Isle of Man.

He Private Collins was a serving British Soldier who took part in a military parade on the Island on Saturday 28th August 2010, with his Regiment. Later that day he went out socialising in Douglas and it was alleged he committed a serious sexual offence. Mr Collins was bailed by the Manx Court into the care of the Military but subsequently absconded from his barracks and failed to answer bail.

Despite the fact we have engaged in a series of communications with both Manx Police and both the MOD and British Army in five years no one has ever clarified how a man charged with a serious sexual offence was able to get bail (for such a serious alleged offence) and then when in the custody of the military walk out of his barracks and leave the United Kingdom

He is now thought to be in West Africa (somewhere) but he is not on any Interpol wanted list (although he did feature on a Crimewatch programme!) and no effort is being made by the Manx Police or governments to press the UK to establish where he is and seek his extradition.

Astonishingly when we asked the British Army some pertinent questions they said they couldn’t answer because it would breach his rights under Data Protection. Although when further pressed they did reveal some information.

For their part Manx police made a rather insensitive statement saying that the soldier ‘has no ties with the Island’ and the alleged victim was ‘a non-Manx resident’ as if, given the seriousness of the allegation, that was relevant.

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